About Us


Kirirom Food Production is a Khmer-owned business based in Cambodia’s mango heartland, the Kirirom region. After getting the business registration license from the Cambodian Ministry of Commerce in 2013, the factory was built and started the operation in October 2014.
We are first and foremost mango farmers. At Kirirom, we believe all parts of the mango can be used productively across all seasons. We discovered some of the difficulties farmers were facing in the industry. The fertile land produced more mangoes than the market could absorb, and the oversupply led to large amounts of spoilage and unnecessary waste. Prices of mangoes plummeted to near worthlessness during the harvest season which translated into decreased incomes for farmers.
Determined to alleviate the situation, we invested in a dried fruit manufacturing plant. By processing the unsold fresh mangoes, we aim to stabilize farmers’ incomes during harvest season. Today, to reduce waste, we compost all byproducts, like skins and seeds. During our off seasons we also process dried papayas and pineapples in order to take full advantage of our facilities.
Kirirom is now a leading producer of Cambodian mangoes. As we grow, we hope to diversify our line of mango products. We believe that the growth of our business will not only guarantee a consistent income stream for farm owners in the region, but also stimulate the local economy.

To be the most trusted, world-class, socially responsible, processed fruit brand that uses sustainable and organic farming techniques.

To enrich the lives of all we touch, from farmers to employees and to consumers through the creation of the highest quality processed fruits that are naturally flavorful, healthy, and enjoyable.

» INTEGRITY: We always tell the truth and do the right thing.
» HAPPY: All relevant stakeholders are happy with what we are doing. We believe in starting the day with high positive energy and treating everyone with respect.
» HEALTHY: We select only the naturally ripened fruits, produce food that is healthy, and commit to the well-being of our colleagues.
» TASTY: We produce the food that we love to eat.

Kirirom Food Production aims to cultivate a vibrant and engaging community on our family-owned farm. Our number one focus is the people. In order to harvest the highest quality fruits and transform them into the tasty snacks on market shelves, we surround ourselves with friendly, talented, and dedicated individuals. We work closely with everyone along the supply chain to minimize our impact on the environment.

We aim to uphold the highest standards of labor excellence and enhance our community by sourcing from local farmers. We intend to foster a healthy environment beyond the production line.

At Kirirom, we believe all parts of the mango can be used productively across all seasons. We are committed to incorporating organic and sustainable practices into our production process in order to minimize our environmental impact.

To uphold our social and environmental standards, our company has to be in a strong economic position. With economic profit comes the ability to continue to invest in new technology and in our community.